Over $13,000 in Prizes from Our Sponsors Were Announced at the 2014 Show!

Please take a look at the prizes given away at the 2014 show listed below and visit the sponsor's websites for even more information on what they have to offer. The 2015 show will be even more exciting. Check back for updates.

$500 Preservation Reserve Window AWARDED! 10/18/14

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Up to 110 total united inches in size.

$500 Gift Certificate AWARDED! 10/19/14

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Valid Toward Any Champion Window Purchase.

$750 Slab of Granite AWARDED! 10/17/14

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Start Your Kitchen Update!

Pick A Free Slab of Granite for Countertop Solutions to Use & Make Your New Countertops.

$900 Kitchen Sink & All Accessories AWARDED! 10/18/14

Cts clear20141012 9115 1r6l63t
Modern Black Undermount Sink with All Accessories.

$500 Kitchen Faucet AWARDED! 10/17/14

Cts clear20141012 9115 1r6l63t
Beautiful Brushed Nickel Faucet for Your New Kitchen.

$500 Dyson Origin Upright Vacuum AWARDED! 10/17/14

Dbtulsalogored20141012 9115 26jsfh
Enjoy the difference that Dyson can make.

$1,000 Gift Certificate AWARDED! 10/18/14

Down under final with background 1071420141012 9115 7mxc6k
Valid Toward Any Down Under Shelter Above or Below Ground Unit in the Tulsa Service Area. Must be Installed by December 31, 2014.

$700 Complete Home Energy Audit AWARDED! 10/19/14

Elite clear20141012 12378 a8lbho
Make Sure Your Home Is Ready For The Winter! Have Elite Service Company Show You Where You Can Save Energy!

$500 Gift Certificate AWARDED! 10/19/14

K d's wood square logo20141012 12378 1csg177
Valid Toward A Kitchen Cabinet Remodel.

Breathe New Life Into Your Old Kitchen With K&D Wood Refinishing!

$500 Gift Certificate AWARDED! 10/18/14

Mattress firm logo20141012 12378 1ov97tw
Valid On Any Mattress Firm Purchase.

As The Winter "Hibernation Months" Come Closer, Enjoy Better Sleep With A Mattress Firm Solution!

$500 Gift Certificate AWARDED! 10/19/14

Mclean logo20141012 9115 1lcdqyg
Valid Toward An Air Duct Cleaning & Video Inspection Package.

Get Your Home Ready For Those Winter "Inside" Days By Cleaning Your Ducts & Checking For Hidden Problems.

$500 Gift Certificate AWARDED! 10/19/14

Okwallfoamfinal20141012 9115 xfuyn2
Valid Toward Attic Or Wall Foam Insulation.

Oklahoma Wall Foam Specializes In Insulating Older Homes That Have No Existing Wall Insulation.

$500 Gift Certificate AWARDED! 10/18/14

Stonemen clear20141012 12378 l8p1h
Valid Toward Any Granite Or Marble Countertop Project From Stonemen.

They Will Rock You!

$500 Gift Certificate AWARDED! 10/19/14

Superior wood floors logo20141013 9115 ty29bn
Valid Toward Any Hardwood Refinish, Replacement Or New Installation.

Hardwood Floors Add Beauty, Warmth & Value To Any Home.

$950 Digital Motion X-Ray AWARDED! 10/19/14

Synergy logo full color20141012 9115 w2hkpv
Full Series For Whiplash, Joint Injuries And Pain With Motion. Unique View Of Your Bones In Motion.

Synergy Holistic Health Is One Of Two Facilities In This Area With This Hot New Technology.

$500 Gift Certificate AWARDED! 10/17/14

Teakout logo cropped20141012 9115 9sqatm
Valid Toward Purchase Of Any In-Stock Item or Items. Enjoy The Long Life Of Quality Teak Furniture & Accessories From Teakout.

$500 Gift Certificate AWARDED! 10/18/14

Tulsa cabinetworks logo20141013 12378 cdfk2q
Valid Toward A Custom Made Vanity.

Enjoy The Benefit Of Working With The Craftsmen from Tulsa CabinetWorks!

$750 Belgard Celtic Wall Firepit AWARDED! 10/18/14

Tulsa paver design logo20141012 9115 10x691i
Start Your Backyard Makeover With A New Fire Pit From Tulsa Paver Designs.

Belgard Products Are Made To Last. Fire Pit Dimensions are 3 ft. I.D, 4 ft. O.D. and 16 in. High With Cap.

$750 Security Video System AWARDED! 10/18/14

Witness logo20141013 12378 119f6ig
When The Bad Guys Come Calling You Need A Witness!

Four Channel NVR With Point of Entry Switch, 1 TB Hard Drive And Surge Protector.