Scripps Radio Celebrity Schedule

Each day of Fall Home Expo, Scripps Radio will feature an array of their talented staff. Swing by their booth to meet them in person.

Friday November 20th
• Noon to 2pm Carly Rush, KVOO
• 4pm to 6pm Danielle, KHITS
• 6pm to 8pm Jim Jeffries, The Ol' Hoot Owl

Saturday November 21st
• 10am to Noon Pat Campbell, KFAQ and Sunny Leigh, KVOO
• Noon to 2pm Eddie Huff, KFAQ
• 2pm to 4pm Rowdy Yates, KVOO
• 4pm to 6pm Tommy Jordan, KHITS
• 6pm to 8pm Johnny Dee, KVOO

Sunday November 22nd
11am to 1pm Andy Barber, BOB FM
1pm to 3pm Kelley Cash, KVOO
3pm to 5pm Tommy Jordan, KHITS
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KJRH On-Air Personalities

During the Fall Home Expo, KJRH on air celebrities will be appearing at the Scripps booth. Drop by to visit, have your picture taken with them and have some fun.

Friday November 20th
• 5pm to 7pm Kirsten Horne
• 6pm to 8pm Kessler McLaughlin

Saturday November 21st
• 1pm to 3pm Max Resnik
• 3pm to 5pm Karen Larsen

Sunday November 22nd
• 1pm to 2pm Steven Romo
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